Free film event!! Laugh with this new Mexican comedy!!!

Next in our tour film “Nosotros los nobles” (Welcome to the prole). The Mexican phenomenon of 2013!

When Germán Noble -a successful and powerful businessman- realizes that his children are unable to earn a living, he decides to give them a lesson and stages a police raid that involves the repossession of their cars, cell phones and credit cards and makes them believe that they are wanted for fraud. They are taken to the abandoned house of their grandfather and are forced to get something that they never had before: A job.

There, under those conditions, German’s sons will learn their value without a surname, fortune or a social position. Meanwhile, German will learn a lesson: his mistake was not to educate his children with soft hand, but he preferred being a businessman, rather than a father.

Where?: Learning Centre UG06 . Wednesday 30th, October 7:00pm! EVERYBODY IS WELCOME!


Join the Mexican Society!

You can join us by paying your membership online or by going directly to the Guild of students. External members need to fill in a form at the counter. The membership has many benefits such as discounts for parties, free events, help with your transport expenses for the Mexican symposium and football tournament organised by the MexSoc UK, special gatherings with delicious Mexican food, among others!! You don’t have to be Mexican to join, everybody is invited!! We love sharing our culture!! To become a member:



Fiesta de Día de Muertos

Dia-de-muertos-en-MexicoCelebrate the “Day of the Dead” with us!

We are having our traditional “Día de muertos party” on the 1st November, so save the date because it will be an amazing event! Come with your fiesta attitude and fancy dress.

The party starts at 8pm in the Beorma Bar, in the Guild of students (over Subway, next to Costa). Early birds get a discount on tickets and an extra discount for society members, so the prices are as follows:

£3.50: Until the 31st October

£4.50: On the 1st November.

Members of the Mexican & Latin American Society £1 OFF

Tickets are being sold by members of the society alternatively please send us an email at:

If you are not a member you can join for only £3, which will entitle you for further discounts. To join the society please follow this link or pay directly at the Guild of Students.

Film Screening: No eres tú soy yo.

Film Screening: No eres tú soy yo (It’s not you it’s me)

no eres tu

Hello everyone! Missing Mexican events? We have a new film screening for you! Relax on the summer break with a romantic comedy about love and heartbreaks, sure we can all relate… Starring one of the most successful contemporary mexican comedians: Eugenio Derbez.

This event will take place next Thursday 30th May at the Learning Centre, room UG10 at 7pm and as it is tradition we’ll have some drinks after to start the weekend fun! So we hope to see you there 🙂

About the movie:

“No eres tú soy yo” (2010) (It’s not you it’s me)


Genre: Comedy/Romance


Javier Herrera (Eugenio Derbez) is a man in love whose world comes crashing down shortly after his wedding when his wife, María (Alejandra Barros) tells him that she loves someone else. He must start over completely, with no money and no job, and a totally empty apartment. He tries esoteric therapies and even adopts a dog to attract women, but to no avail: Javier only remembers his ex- wife. Enter Julia (Martina García), a free-spirited young woman willing to be his friend unconditionally, if only Javier could forget Maria.


Alejandro Springall


Eugenio Derbez

Martina García

Alejandra Barro

Juan Ríos

Shaula Vega


More information


Rotten Tomatoes


Film screening: Rudo y cursi (Tough and Corny)

Film screening: Rudo y cursi (Tough and Corny)


The waiting time is over, we are screening Rudo y Cursi this Thursday 21st March!! Have a end-of-term blast with us watching this recent movie staring Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, the new international mexican film stars.

Venue: Learning Centre

Room: UG-06

Time: 7 pm

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Come along to see this funny and engaging movie in which you will be able to observe real mexican lifestyle, popular music, train your ear for mexican swearwords and the best of all: Gael García’s big performance of “Quiero que me quieras” cover of the Cheap Trick song “I want you to want me” Funniest-thing-ever.

As it is tradition, we will have drinks after the movie in the Staff House Pub. Stay with us to practice spanish and have a great time!

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About the movie:

Synopsis: Rudo y Cursi depicts the changing relationship between two brothers who become soccer stars. Beto (Luna), the goaltender, is nicknamed “Rudo” because of his hard-nosed style of play, while Tato (Bernal), a forward, gets the nickname “Cursi” for his flamboyant goal celebrations and his flashy lifestyle.

Writer and Director: Carlos Cuarón


Gael García Bernal


Diego Luna


Guillermo Francella


Screen captures:



Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

More information: IMBD website

Carnival Party Pictures!

Dia de la Candelaria (Tamales Day!)


In Mexico, every 2nd February families and communities get together for a delicious tamales feast, and they dress up their image of Niño Dios (Child Christ) with brand new clothes and take it to the church to be blessed. In many places this celebration also includes parades.


“Día de la candelaria” is known to be the day we are all allowed to eat as much tamales as possible, but do you know why? This celebration has mixed roots in pre-Hispanic traditions and Catholic beliefs.

Día de Reyes follow up


The tamales have to be cooked or provided by one person (or more) selected one month before, on the 6th of January, when another tradition takes place. Día de Reyes or King’s Day, is celebrated in remembrance of the biblical history of three Kings visiting baby Jesus. In this festivity children receive gifts as a symbol of the gifts the Kings gave to Jesus, families eat together Rosca de Reyes, a sweet and special bread containing hidden figurines. Whoever gets this figurines in their slice of bread have to host the Dia de la Candelaria feast.


Catholic origins


The origins of the Día de la Candelaria firstly have a religious meaning; it is the day of the presentation of Christ to the temple. The Jewish law said that babies had to be taken to the temple after 40 days because women were considered to be unclean until this period had passed since giving birth. So on 2nd February (40 days after Christmas) Mary took Jesus to the temple along with candles or “Candelas” hence the name “Candelaria”, and it is the day of the purification of the Virgin and the presentation of the Lord. Even though this is a Catholic festivity, Mexico is the only religious country celebrating it by taking images of baby Jesus to the temples.


Pre-hispanic origins


Pre-Hispanic Mexicans had also a ceremony in the beginning of February and it is believed that Spanish evangelisers used this on their benefit to convert them to the Catholic faith, as it was done with other native traditions. Aztecs had the tradition of paying a tribute to their Rain God “Tlaloc” and the “Tlaloques”(clouds), to pray for rain for their agricultural activities. This was done by fancy dressing children, taking them to the Tlaloc Hill and making them cry as an augury of water abundance. Since this tradition was related to children, it was probably easier for Catholic Priest to link it to their religious celebration.

Long before the arrival of the Spanish, Mexican natives, and people in the Meso-American region consumed tamales, especially in agricultural celebrations.



So now you know a little more about Mexican culture and traditions (and are probably hungry from reading about rosca de reyes and tamales). If you’d like to join the party find your nearest Mexican restaurant and eat as much tamales as you can! Or if you like cooking and can get the ingredients, here is a link to show you how it is done.

Feliz Día de la Candelaria!

Double film screening: Che part I and II

che movie poster

Ernesto “Che” Guevara is one of the most iconic characters of Latin America, his face is famous around the world but do you know why? Discover the interesting history behind the legend, featuring the amazing Benicio del Toro and Demian Bichir. The free screening of the two-part historic film “Che” will take place on Thursdays 7th and 21st of February, in the usual room UG06 of the Learning Centre. Stay after for drinks and fun in the Staff House Bar! 🙂

The Guardian’s review says: “It’s an intelligent, fast-moving, well-researched film, based in part on Che’s posthumously published Reminiscences of the Cuban Revolutionary War, offering both a convincing account of the bitter, hard-fought struggle and a portrait of a great and complex revolutionary.” Don’t miss this opportunity to learn Spanish (English subtitles of course) and an important part of the world’s history such as Cuba’s revolution. Looking forward to see you all there!

Since our Carnival Party is on the 8th, you will have the chance to buy the last discount tickets on the first screening!

Join the event on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter 🙂

About the movie:

Che: The Argentine (2008)

Che: Guerrilla (2008)


The first part opens with Che (Benicio Del Toro) meeting Fidel in Mexico City in 1955 (both clean shaven at the time) and joining the small invasion party that established a base in the Sierra Maestra in Cuba. It ends in January 1959 when the 30-year-old Che, cautioning against triumphalism and forbidding his men to indulge in looting, heads towards Havana to begin what he considers the really important part of the revolution, creating a new kind of society.

Part two of the saga, Guerrilla, begins with Guevara at the absolute peak of his fame and power. Disappearing suddenly, Guevara subsequently resurfaces in Bolivia to organize a modest group of Cuban comrades and Bolivian recruits in preparation for the Latin American Revolution.


Biography, drama, history.


Steven Soderberg



Best Actor – Cannes Festival 2008

Best Spanish Lead Actor – Goya Awards 2009

Tomás Gutierrez Alea Prize – National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba

White Camel Award – Sahara International Film Festival


Benicio del Toro


Demian Bichir


Rodrigo Santoro


Screen captures

Che-movie-i06 CheFilmGroup cheSTILL_lg del-toro-che

More information:


The Guardian

Spanish Language Exchange

language exchange


Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish? This is the perfect opportunity! A FREE event open to all levels. We will make first a presentation to establish the topics and then start the small guided discussion among the people attending.

It will be an informal and fun way to learn vocabulary, expressions and culture! And not only Mexican culture, since guest will be able to share information from their own countries.

This event will be on the 31th January, 6:30pm in the Learning Centre, room UG06. We hope to see you there! 🙂 Check the event on Facebook!

More earthquakes in Mexico…


(CNNMéxico) — El Servicio Sismológico Nacional de México (SSN) registró la tarde de este domingo un sismo de magnitud 5,2, con el epicentro ubicado a 67 kilómetros al suroeste de Pinotepa Nacional, estado de Oaxaca, y con un profundidad de10 kilómetros.

Miguel Ángel Mancera, jefe de Gobierno del Distrito Federal, indicó en su cuenta de Twitter que el sismo tuvo una magnitud de 5,16 grados.

“No se activaron alarmas, se realizan revisiones de rutina”, mencionó en la cuenta @ManceraMiguelMX.

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